Special Store Sale

18 March 2017

Admist widespread rain and flash flooding along the Mid North Coast, G J Kennedy & Co held its first Special Store Sale for the 2017 calendar year with 289 head sold on the day with some passed-in cattle sold post auction. A quality line up of Angus, Brangus and Charolais cattle were sold on the day with the top cows and calves reaching $2,320. We would like to thank all vendors and buyers for their support of the sale.

A summary of the prices are shown below;

   Top Price ($)  Ave. Price ($)
Cows & Calves  2,320  1,484
Store Cows  1,100  903
Store Heifers  1,400  1,106
Store Steers & Light Bulls  1,250  846
Bull  1,440  1,440