Livestock Checklist

  • Do you have full LPA accreditation?
  • Do all of your cattle have an appropriate NLIS tag?
  • Have you sold through G J Kennedy & Co before?
  • Have you notified G J Kennedy of the cattle you intend to sell?
  • Do you have the current National Vendor Declaration (NVD) form (C0720)?
  • Do you have a National Cattle Health Declaration?

If you answer no to any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact our office to discuss further.

Remember to update all of your information

If you have not sold through G J Kennedy & Co before please contact our office on 02 6568 1666 or email a copy of your completed client information sheet to ensure all of your details are correct.

Please click HERE to download our new client registration form.

National Vendor Declaration (NVD) / Waybill

The National Vendor Declaration (NVD)/Waybill is a declaration by the producers regarding the food safety status of the livestock being sold.

The NVD/Waybill is also a legal document for the transportation of all livestock. It is important that the NVD/Waybill is completed in full and all details stated are true and correct and must accompany all livestock being sold to the saleyards.

Please ensure that you have the current January 2021 (C0720) version of the NVD/Waybill form that is required, you can find this number (C0720) on top of the NVD form or on the front of your NVD booklet.

To order a NVD book or emergency NVD or to find out more, visit the MLA Website ( or phone
1800 683 111.

National Cattle Health Declaration

From 1 October 2017, G J Kennedy & Co are recommending vendors complete in full a National Cattle Health Declaration and accompany this with their NVD (National Vendor Declaration) each time they sell livestock.

Please click HERE to download and complete a National Cattle Health Declaration.

For further information regarding the NCHD please click HERE.