Livestock Sale Dates - 2021

PLEASE BE ADVISED: As part of the Government's Covid-19 restrictions, only persons with an intention to bid on cattle to attend the sale.

G J Kennedy & Co's 2021 Cattle Sale calendar is available in our office or you can download your own by clicking the link below.


February 2021
3rd February (Fat & Store Sale)
13th February (Store Sale)
17th February (Fat & Store Sale)

March 2021
3rd March (Fat & Store Sale)
17th March (Fat & Store & Weaner Sale)
27th March (Store Sale)
31st March (Fat & Store Sale)

April 2021
14th April (Fat & Store Sale)
19th April (Weaner Sale)
28th April (Fat & Store Sale)

May 2021
12th May (Fat & Store & Weaner Sale)
26th May (Fat & Store Sale)

June 2021
9th June (Fat & Store Sale)
23rd June (Fat & Store Sale)

July 2021
7th July (Fat & Store Sale)
21st July (Fat & Store Sale)

August 2021
4th August (Fat & Store Sale)
18th August (Fat & Store Sale)

September 2021
1st September (Fat & Store Sale)
15th September (Fat & Store Sale)
29th September (Fat & Store Sale)

October 2021
13th October (Fat & Store Sale)
23rd October (Store Sale)
27th October (Fat & Store Sale)

November 2021
10th November (Fat & Store Sale)
20th November (Store Sale)
24th November (Fat & Store Sale)

December 2021
8th December (Fat & Store Sale)

For all bookings and enquiries please contact Jack Stanton on 0423 053 840 or Jesse Stanton on 0432 187 075.